Kitchen Exhaust Fan Hinge Kits Install

A hinge kit for the kitchen exhaust fan can save you a lot of trouble in your commercial cooking operation. Hinge kits can serve multiple purposes including –
Increased safety – Hinge kits can increase the safety factor while removing the exhaust fan from duct as it can be dangerous for the contractor. This removal can also cause damage to the fan housing or roof.Easy cleaning – It makes cleaning the kitchen exhaust fan much easier by providing access to all areas of equipment. If you want a thorough cleaning for the exhaust fan, you need a hinge kit for it.

Protection for kitchen exhaust fan wiring – While removing exhaust fan, wiring might get damaged when it is stretched. But, a hinge kit can solve this problem. It can protect wiring during the removal of fan.

Hinge kits are installed to protect the fan from damage while removing it from stack for cleaning and for maintenance purposes. It can increase your kitchen exhaust fan’s life. It also prevents damage and leaks on your roof.

Compliance with the Federal & State regulations as well as with the fire & health codes is essential in the restaurant industry. According to law, you must get hinge kits for kitchen exhaust fan complete with weatherproof wiring.

We, at EDS Exhaust, Hoods & Duct Services provide hinge kit installations and help ensure that your business complies with all standard regulations. Call us to get your hinge kit installed today in Mount Sinai  Brookhaven, Riverhead, Southold, Huttington,Islip,smithtown, Hicksville & Hamptons.

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