Fire Suppression

Installation, Repair and Inspections

Fire suppression systems are a necessity for any commercial establishment but even more so for commercial kitchens. Because of the open flame gas burners and other heating equipment like ovens or microwaves, commercial kitchens are at a much higher risk of a fire breakout than the rest. For this reason EDS provides comprehensive installation, inspection and repair services to all types of kitchens.


If you haven’t already installed a fire suppression system at your place of business then do not wait any longer. Allow us to take care of the installation for you and we guarantee a thoroughly professional installation that will ensure the safety of your kitchen. Our experienced and skilled technicians will execute the installation with minimum collateral disruption.


Fire suppression systems need to be in optimal working condition round the clock. If the system breaks down at a crucial moment, it may result in devastating damage to your business. Therefore it is necessary that these systems be checked regularly and thoroughly by experts. At EDS Exhaust, Hoods & Duct Services, we provide the professional grade inspections of fire suppression systems.
Call us to make sure that your fire safety has not been compromised by a faulty system.


A fire suppression system is comprised of a number of different components ranging from electronic sensors to tiny valves. If any component breaks down, the entire system becomes redundant. So, regular and timely repair of any faulty parts within the system is essential for the safety of your staff, your workplace and all the expensive equipment there. The expert professionals at EDS Exhaust, Hoods & Duct Services provide comprehensive repair for everything related to fire suppression systems and you can rely on us to deliver cost effective solutions efficiently in Mount Sinai  Brookhaven, Riverhead, Southold, Huttington,Islip,smithtown, Hicksville & Hamptons.

We ensure compliance with Federal-State, Fire-Health codes, available 24/7 for emergency situations. For any questions please Call 631-403-4599.